Screen No More


We no longer have a TV in our home.


Okay, that’s slightly false. We still have the TV, ’cause that thing was expensive! But, for close to two months now it has been boxed up and stored in the garage.

Most of you reading this probably already know my slight distain for television when it comes to young children. I won’t even go into that. It’s not the point of this post. I, like most of the world really admire Chip and Joanna Gaines. I love me some “Fixer Upper,” and just about everything Joanna touches is gold in my opinion. But, more than that, I admire their faith and how they are raising their family.

Upon reading their book,  The Magnolia Story, I was intrigued by the fact that they have not owned a TV in their 13 years of marriage. They were challenged to go without one during their premarital counseling. They accepted the challenge excitedly! Originally, they committed to one year T.V. free, but when the year was up they didn’t miss it. Joanna spoke in her book about how it caused their family to focus more on each other. As I was reading that section, I found myself loving what she was saying! So, I presented it to The Hubs, and he agreed without hesitation!

Now, don’t hear me wrong. We’re not trying to become Chip and Jo. My husband will probably never be handy and drink boot-juice, and I will never be an adorable, half-Asian woman (darn-it). But, we do greatly admire how they focus on their family in intentional ways.

Collin and I have never been huge T.V. watchers, mainly because we didn’t have the time. But, shortly before making this change we were in a place where we found ourselves binging in front of the screen every night after we put Nora down. We even got to a point where we were watching a show we didn’t even like that much, simply to have something to watch. We didn’t like that about ourselves so we made the change.

Now we’re not monsters. We kept our Amazon Prime subscription so we still occasionally watch a movie in bed on our computer. Other than that, we have been T.V. free for two months now! Honestly, we both say that we do not miss it one bit! We feel like our house is cleaner than ever. We go outside more in the evenings. We have both been reading more. We’ve always loved to play games together, but now we do so more often. For us, it has been a really good thing.

The T.V. is still in our garage, and can easily be put back up if we decide we really want it. But, for now, it’s something we want to do without!

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