Five on Friday

Been a little while since I’ve shared the top five from my week!


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We took a quick little trip to Springfield for Collin’s job. It’s a great halfway point for my parents who live in Kansas. So, while Collin was in meetings, Nora and I got to hang out with Mimi and Papa! Luckily my mom snapped this family photo on the rare occasion we actually saw The Hubs!



My garden has now produced an actual vegetable! I was tying my snap peas to some garden rods, and accidentally discovered that I had REAL pea pods! They blend right in with the leaves. I was so excited! I was able to pick about ten, but had more that simply weren’t ready to pick yet. Is it too soon to declare my black thumb cured?




The Southeast Missouri heat has already hit. Everyday this week has been in the nineties, but luckily the early mornings have been beautiful! Nora and I began a new routine of spending about an hour on the porch each morning. I sip my coffee, and Nora explores! It is becoming one of my favorite parts of our day together!



My sister and her family only live 45 minutes away from us, and we were way overdue for a day together. She and two of her boys showed up in the morning and started cooking right away! My sister has been teaching her boys to cook! So, she had them cook for us! They prepared a delicious meal that everyone ate up. Nora loved the food, but I think she preferred the attention from her big cousins more. Such a blessing to see the little boys I love so much getting to know my little girl!



Wednesday night both Collin and I had a few errands to run. We decided to make a little family date night of it. We got burgers and milkshakes, then Nora ran around Target and the mall while momma shopped! Collin and I kept remarking to each other what an absolute joy Nora is. She has really been hammin’ it up lately. She cracks us up daily!


This weekend my best friend is getting married and I cannot wait to celebrate her big day! I love weddings, but they are made even sweeter when they are for your bestie!

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