The Marriage Chronicles | Vol. 6

Marriage is amazing. It’s fun, exciting, blessed, and such an adventure.

Marriage is also hard. Blending two lives together, making tough decisions, and navigating through all that life throws, is incredibly challenging. In the scheme of things, Collin and I’s five year marriage is very short. But let me tell you, the tough stuff doesn’t wait until year ten or twenty. In our limited time as a married couple, we have already dealt with some tough stuff.

We still have so much to learn, but these posts will chronicle some things we have gone through, some advice, lessons we’ve learned, funny stories and just plain ol’ anything-but-boring married life adventures!

These are the marriage chronicles.

Vol. 6 | Spiritual Partners

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If you’ve hung out here on the ol’ blog long enough, you know that my faith is very important to me. In fact, I hope anyone who meets me can see that by my actions, and how I speak. I serve an amazing Savior, and I am not ashamed to live my life for Him. This has and will be the driving force in my life and decisions. It was a deciding factor in choosing to marry my groom! I knew I needed a man who would be the spiritual leader of our household, and would challenge me in my faith and help strengthen it daily.

Collin and I have both grown leaps and bounds in our walk with God since we said “I do” five years agoWe have strengthened our faith, individually at times, and at times together. This faith we share is not a religion, but a personal relationship with our Father in Heaven, and it is important for us to be working on our walk with God alone, so that when we come together our faith is stronger!

In effort to be completely transparent I will say that The Hubs and I do not have “growing our faith together” all figured out. We go through seasons, just like with anything else. There have been times when we have perfect church attendance, go through a devotional together each night, and pray for each other before bed. Then there are stages in which we are doing only one of those, or sadly…none.

Life is busy, and it’s hard enough to find your own moments to be spending time with God, so trying to also fit in time with your spouse can be a major challenge. It can be especially challenging in the season of raising littles (can I get an amen?). I heard recently on a podcast I listen to, that God knows our hearts and sees our lives. He knows that our time with Him will not always be long, drawn out, quite, and peaceful. It may not look like what we think a quite time with God should, but if we are making the effort to be in the Bible each day, He cares!

This applies to being in the word with your spouse as well. It may not always look perfect. It may not be snuggling up on the couch, and going through a devotional, or waking early to read scripture together and pray. In fact, as I write this post my man is fixing a broken toilet, and has been for hours. Life is messy, and fitting God in is hard. But, as long as we do it at all, He doesn’t care how “perfect” it looks.

I want to share a few ways Collin and I have fit spiritual growth into our marriage. These are the simple ways that fit into everyday life. It doesn’t take much time, but is still so, so worth it, and pleasing to God!

| Pray for each other when big (or small) things arise that need prayer. It doesn’t have to be perfect or beautiful. Just a simple prayer before you head out the door for an important meeting. A texted prayer when something rough comes up and you can’t be together. Prayer is powerful and so important.

| Ask each other what God is teaching you. What are they reading in their quiet time and how has it applied to their life?

| Listen to worship music around the house.

| Hold each other accountable to spending time with the Lord. Ask, “Have you read your Bible today?”

| Have spiritual discussions. This happens all the time in our house. Usually spurred on by something on Facebook, or a current event in the news. Many times those things bring about some wonderful discussion, and causes us to ask questions, and seek answers in the Bible.

I encourage you and your spouse to find time to fit some of these in. Or, if you have another way you do this together, please share!


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One thought on “The Marriage Chronicles | Vol. 6

  1. Trista @ The Classy Chaos says:

    Love this!! It’s so incredibly difficult to make time for the things that are most important. I confess we aren’t very good at this part. We struggle with our own personal walks but we have always been on the same page. This is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing!


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