Make a Splash this Summer

My family is going to the beach this summer, and as much as I would choose the mountains over the beach any day, I am still excited! This will be Nora’s first time to see the ocean, and I can’t wait to watch her experience it all! Not only will this be Nora’s first time to the ocean, but it will be my first time wearing a bathing suit in public since Nora was born. Cue terrified screaming!

I have already come to terms with the fact that I will never look good in a bikini again, and that’s really okay with me. I honestly have a whole new view on modesty and swimwear now that I am older and have a daughter. I do however still wanna look good on the beach, so I have been scouring the internet for some cute, full-coverage options. Momma swimwear – if you will. I compiled a few adorable pieces I found (and ordered a few of) to share with you!

I of course couldn’t leave Nora Kate out! So there are some darling little girl options too!

Happy swimming!




|One| |Two | |Three| |Four| |Five|




|One| |Two| |Three|

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