Why Blog? | Five Reasons

I discovered the world of blogging in college, and began as an avid blog reader. I remember the first blog I ever read { see here }. From there I began reading so many more and became hooked! I loved the little glimpse into other people’s lives (I am admittedly nosey).  After about a year or so of just reading blogs, I secretly began my own in October of 2011. It was pretty terrible then, and I was really just doing it because I wanted to be cool like the bloggers I followed.

Somewhere along the journey I actually began to love writing and creating blog posts. In my opinion, everyone should have a blog so that I can creep on them have a glimpse into their life. Here are five reasons I blog (and you should too 😉

*Enjoy some links to some of my oldest, or favorite posts throughout! Click on the screen capture to read the old blog post. Or click on the blue links throughout to read even more old posts!

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Memories | One of my absolute favorite things about having this blog is that I have a digital record of years of my life! When I started blogging I was engaged and in college. Now, I am married, and have a child. I have a record of how I got to and through each phase of life. I have written about some really hard times and some of the best times in my life so far. I love going back, reading old posts and seeing how I have grown as a writer and creator, as well as a person! I also love that when Nora and future kiddos grow, they will have this to look back on too!


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Helping | One of my favorite things about reading other blogs is to learn new ways to do things. Tips and tricks, life hacks, great products and more. I have learned so many parenting tips, beauty product suggestions, helpful tricks and other amazing things from bloggers. I love that I can possibly do that for my readers as well. I have had other moms approach me, and tell me thank you for a certain post because they needed ideas for something and I addressed it! It makes me feel so good, and like I am giving back what others gave to me.

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Pictures | I love pictures. I do not claim to be a great photographer in that I take quality photos, but I am a photographer in the fact that I take a large quantity of photos. Of course, all of my pictures are saved on my computer, phone or Instagram page, but here they are displayed, explained, and sorted in a way. Having a blog that more than just family reads has also pushed me to up my photo game. Last year we purchased a fancy camera, and I have been learning to take better photos to improve the look of my blog. I don’t know if I would have done that without my blog existing.

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Faith | I have always felt like I wanted to be someone who could help strengthen women’s walk with the Lord. I still don’t know if I have yet to do that for anyone, but this blog gives me a platform to attempt to do that. I truly believe that having a few women who love Jesus, and encourage you to seek Him and improve your faith is priceless. There are blogs I follow that give me a daily boost to seek after God, and I am so grateful those women have taken the initiative to be a light in this world. I pray that this blog can be that, at times, for other women. I do not take that “calling” lightly.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 3.02.10 PM


Fun | This whole blogging gig is simply a ton of fun! I love connecting with other women that I may have never connected with otherwise. I love tapping into my creative side, and coming up with new post ideas. I love feeling like my “hobby” is meaningful. I simply enjoy sitting down, writing, taking pictures, and sharing some of my life and heart with you all!

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I want to thank all of you who read, comment, like, share, or support my blog in any way. I truly just do it for fun, but I do love when people I hardly know tell me how much they enjoy it! Keep your messages, comments, and encouragement coming! And, if you think you might want to start a blog of your own, go for it! I would love to chat!


If you haven’t already answered this survey, please do so! It really helps me to continue writing the things YOU are interested in! Thanks in advance!

3 thoughts on “Why Blog? | Five Reasons

  1. Susan Snodgrass says:

    I had a nurse friend tell me I should do a faith blog, but I just don’t that no I have that much to say. I do review Christian fiction, so I could do that, but I just don’t know


  2. baileybarker says:

    I want to start a blog SO BADLY! I realize I have one blog post already, but honestly I have no idea where to go from there or what I would even write about. In the future I want to have a lifestyle/mom blog similar to yours, but that’s still a ways away. I’ve enjoyed keeping up with your posts! Keep ’em comin 😆


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