DSC_0874I have held the title “mommy” for just over 16 months now. In this time, I have come to learn that everything comes in stages. Newborn, sitting up, crawling, walking, toddler… to name a few. There are really difficult parts about each stage, as well as incredible parts that I miss once they’ve passed.

I miss the squishy newborn cuddles, and that distinct, new baby smell.

I miss when my baby was not mobile, and was content to simply lay and take in her surroundings.

I miss watching my gal crawl and walk for the first time. Those milestones are so incredible to witness.

I miss hearing the first laughs, and seeing the first little smiles.

I miss so many things about itty-bitty Nora Kate.

But this stage. Toddler. I think it’s my favorite.

I absolutely love watching Nora’s imagination come alive. She is just beginning to really play and make-believe! Seeing her focus for long stretches of time on an activity or game rather than flit from thing to thing, is thrilling!

Just the other day I watched her play with some dishes in a kitchen cabinet. She began by taking them in and out and shutting the door. Then, suddenly I saw her eyes light up. She ran to her toy box, grabbed a little purple ball, and brought it back to the cabinet. For probably ten minutes, she put the ball in a dish, then took it out. She would close the ball and the dishes in the cabinet, and get excited when it was still there upon re-opening the cabinet. I have no idea what she was playing, but I was thoroughly entertained.

She pushes baby dolls around in her toy stroller. Plays pretend “night-night” with a blanket. Makes her plastic lion and tiger roar. I’ve even watched her create games of her own that only she understands.

I am in love with this stage, and selfishly want it to last much longer than I know it will.

Nora-Girl, keep using that imagination, it will take you far!

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