On a Different Note

musicpostpicI love music. I’m not necessarily musical, but I love music. Some people have their TV on all day for background noise, I always have music playing. I get in the mood for certain types of music on certain days, and I like to listen to specific genres at specific times. I wanted to share with you my favorite playlists, and artists to listen to around the house. Hopefully you will find some great new artists, so you too can listen at home!

*I listen to most of these artists or playlists on Spotify unless I own the albums. 

JJ Heller

I love JJ Heller, and am almost always in the mood to listen to her music. I love all of her albums (she has quite a few), but I think my favorite is I Dream of You. Her music is very relaxed and sweet, and just makes me feel happy!

Favorite Listens | I Get to Be the One | | Boat Song | | Meant to Be | | Create in Me |


Ellie Holcomb

I love everything about Ellie Holcomb! She is one of my favorite artists because all of her music is amazing. Not only are her songs beautiful, but the lyrics are encouraging and speak truth! She has multiple albums, and if you just listen to her station on Spotify you will not be disappointed!

Favorite Listens| Red Sea Road | | Wonderfully Made| | As Sure as the Sun | | Marvelous Light |


Playlist | Praise and Worship Songs

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 10.22.19 AM

This playlist on Spotify is one of my favorites to listen to when I read the Bible, or on Sunday mornings. Really, I will listen to it anytime! It is over five hours of great worship music. It has popular songs as well as some new ones I had never heard before. A great option to get a variety of artists! Search on Spotify, or find it under the Christian Genre in “browse.”

Playlist | Have a Great Day

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 10.27.02 AM

This is a fun one to listen to in the evenings. It is full of oldies like Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, Van Morrison, Hall and Oates, and more! There are a few songs thrown in that we always skip over, but it’s mostly good oldies! Simply a fun playlist!

Playlist | Tour de Compadres

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 10.32.33 AM

The Hubs and I went to an amazing concert a few years ago that featured a bunch of our absolute favorite artists! It was the best concert we have ever been to, so Collin created a playlist will all of the artists. Anyone can search it on Spotify, and follow along and listen! It includes; NeedtoBreathe, Ben Rector, Colony House, as well as Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors.

Hope these are some fun options for you to listen to! I just love to have music playing throughout the house as I go about my day! It also gets Nora dancing which is an adorable bonus 😉

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