5 Things I’m Proud I Do For My Daughter


There are plenty of moments in motherhood I am not proud of. I have lost my temper, mixed up my priorities, made poor decisions, and simply failed in moments of being Nora’s mommy. I think any mom will tell you this is true of them as well. Mommin’ ain’t easy!

As often as I mess up and make mistakes, I also do things I am proud of as a mom. Things that make me feel like I did my best, and did the best for Nora. These are the things I will not apologize for because I know they are best for my gal!


Read to Nora Everyday | This is a big one for the former teacher in me! Reading is so incredibly important for kiddos… of all ages! There are loads and loads of evidence to back up how great reading is to develop vocabulary, imagination, and brain growth! If those things don’t convince you, the fact that it is amazing one-on-one time with your child might! Some of my favorite moments with Nora are sitting in the rocking chair reading a book. Nora is read a minimum of 3 books each day, and normally it’s more like 5. She gets a book before each nap and bedtime and usually a few in between. I will drop just about any task if she brings me a book. I really want to cultivate a love of reading in her, and the best way to do that is to read to her! Read more about my passion for reading to kids here.


Get Outside | Our gal LOVES to be outside. I think she would live outdoors if she could. She loves to get messy, run around, and explore all things nature! Fresh air and exploring are so good for kids so I try and make time for it every day! I can tell when Nora gets bored of being inside or is antsy to get out. We mix it up for her sake and mine. Sometimes we go in the back yard where she has a sand/water table and slide. Sometimes she swims in her pool in the driveway. Sometimes a walk around the neighborhood is how she gets her fresh air. On rainy days we have been known to go out on the front porch since it’s covered. We do all we can to get outside because I know how great it is for my little girl!


Taught Nora Manners | This one might seem odd since Nora is only 15 months old right now, but even at this young age we have been working on manners with Nora. Lucky for us, one of Nora’s first words was “thank you” (cah-coo) so this one was easy to teach! We simply worked with her and had her say “thank you” each time we gave her something or helped her. Now, she will almost always say it on her own! Once she began eating table food, she turned into a beggar! If  Collin or I were eating something she would walk over and grunt and whine for a piece of our food. We began teaching her to say please before she could have anything. Please somehow became “dah” but now she knows she has to say that to get something. It also works great because she can now let us know when she wants something. She just points and says “dah!” Manners are a great life skill for any kid, and starting them young can’t hurt.


Limit Screen Time | I am sure I sound like a broken record because I mention this topic often, but I am really passionate about majorly limiting screen time for young children. I’ve been home with Nora for 2.5 weeks now and she has not seen a single show or played on a phone or tablet. I don’t need to go into this one because I wrote all about it here. But rarely allowing Nora to watch TV is something I feel strongly about and am proud I do for her. It is a personal choice for each family and I accept that!


Taught Nora to Entertain Herself | This tip was passed down from my sister who is one of the moms I look up to most. She told me how she would create certain times when she would purposely not play or be in the same room as her kids. Not to ignore them or be selfish, but so they could learn to play on their own. There are times when I simply cannot drop what I am doing to entertain Nora, and when those moments arise, she now has the skill to entertain herself. She doesn’t follow me around the house begging to be played with, she likes to go off and explore on her own. I play with her often and give her plenty of attention, but when I cannot, she can have fun alone!

Moms, what are the five things you are proud you’ve done for your kids? Comment one below!

2 thoughts on “5 Things I’m Proud I Do For My Daughter

  1. Susan Snodgrass says:

    I am so very glad to hear you are teaching Nora manners! This is sadly lacking today. Sadly lacking. And reading to her us of prime importance. I read to our daughter in the womb. My husband keeps nursery for choir practice and when o bbc.co e of his kiddos has a birthday, guess what we get them? Yes, books! It does my heart good to see kids enjoying books. And one of the things I am glad I did for our now grown up girl is stay home with her as a baby and child. This is something you will never regret and Nora will always remember.

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  2. Deborah Raney says:

    I’m proud I taught my kids to help around the house. Most of the time you all loved helping with housework or dishes and thought it was a game. Yes, sometimes it took twice as long to do a task with all the “help,” but as you got older you really WERE a big help. And eventually you all left home knowing how to cook, clean, do laundry, and fend for yourselves!

    And yes, I’m proud I read to my kids just like my mom read to me, and her mom and grandmother before her. Snuggling up to read together with my mom, grandmothers, kids, and now grandkids: happiest memories ever!


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