New Beauty Products I’m Loving

Now, don’t get the wrong idea by the title of this post. This is not a beauty/fashion blog and probably never will be with me as the author. I’m pretty cheap when it comes to spending money on appearances, but I do like to try new things and make-up is pretty fun. I simply buy all my things at the drugstore and cringe when I even have to pay $8 for a foundation!

Any new product I do buy almost always was a recommendation of a friend or another blogger. I love hearing about products people are loving! So, I wanted to do the same for you! Here are four new things I bought recently that I will buy again!


Maybelline Brightening Creamy Concealer | This was highly recommended by a beauty blogger I follow. This blogger is one of those that is really well known and companies send her free products and not the cheap stuff! So when she recommended a drugstore item I had to try it. I had just ran out of my so-so concealer so I gave this a try. It really is creamy and works wonders on my dark circles! Those two thing alone make it a winner in my book! Shade ~ 20 Light. | Get yours here! $7.99 |

Revlon Insta-Blush | I didn’t even start using blush until about a year ago and I discovered how it can really work wonders. I have only ever used powder blushes but have seen liquid and stick blushes become popular lately. I made the mistake of letting Nora play with my powder blush and of course, it dropped and crumbled into a million pieces. So I picked this one up next time I was out. I love how easy it is to apply and you can rub it in to the amount you like to show. I keep it pretty bright because it does wear throughout the day. Color ~ Candy Kiss | Get yours here! $9.99 |

E.L.F Poreless Face Primer | I love all E.L.F products because they are so cheap but they are also all great! This primer has been really good to help my foundation stay on longer and somehow I think it makes my skin less oily. A really good product that is very affordable. | Get yours here! $6 |

Maybelline Master Precise Curvy Eyeliner | I have only ever used eye pencils for eyeliner before and I always had the problem of a black line on my eyelid. I heard a blogger say that liquid eyeliners won’t normally do that because they dry all the way. So I decided to try one and bought this one on a whim. I really like it and am almost out so I will be repurchasing soon. Black eyelid line problem solved! | Get yours here! $7.99 |

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