Nora Eats | New Series

I really struggled when Nora transitioned from eating baby purees to eating table foods. I could not come up with ideas of what to feed her. I especially had trouble with lunches when I wasn’t cooking a big meal for the family. When we ate dinner I just gave her some of what we were eating. But for lunches I just didn’t know what to give her, I had little to no ideas at all! I even googled and looked up on Pinterest multiple times “toddler meal ideas.” This did actually prove to be very helpful, but mostly I just started thinking outside the box!

I am by no means a health nut. I don’t think you will ever see me doing Whole 30 or going Paleo (sorry, that’s just not me). I do however want Nora to have a well balanced diet and eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and protein since I know those are great for her little growing body!

I have decided to share some of the lunches I feed Nora in hopes that it can give others ideas of good combinations and convenient ideas for toddlers to eat. It will also be a great way for me to look back when I am needing some lunch inspiration in the future!

I should preface this with the fact that we have been blessed with the absolute best eater ever! This gal will eat anything you put in front of her and almost always eats it all! Since I have been home, she eats her lunch around 11:45-12:00, then Collin comes home for lunch at 12:15. She normally eats all her food, then parks it on daddy’s lap to eat half of his lunch too! My little piggy!


Bananas are one of my favorite foods to give Nora. I know they are great for her and she gobbles them right up. Plus, super easy prep, just slice ’em up and serve!

Yup, those are frozen meatballs. She loves them and all I have to do is pop them in the microwave and dice them up after they cool.

I give Nora frozen steamed veggies all the time. I put however many I want and little water in a bowl. Put a plate over top to trap the steam and microwave for about 2-3 minutes (depends on veggie). I season them with salt, pepper and a pinch of garlic salt.

She ate every last morsel of this meal!

Meal 2DSC_0670

String cheese is a great option for this age because it is soft and easy to prepare. She always eats all her cheese!

Nora is a little selective with meat, which I have heard is normal at this age. She doesn’t eat deli turkey too well but will usually eat ham just fine. I just tear it up with my hands or cut using kitchen scissors.

Nora’s favorite fruit is blueberries so we always have them in the house. They are also the easiest to feed her because they take no preparation. We have noticed lately that she seems to be getting a little tired of blueberries so we have been doing lots of other fruits. I think strawberries might be taking a place as #1 in her heart!

Nora left two pieces of ham and ate the rest!

Toddler meal prep tip | If food is too hot and your little one is whining to be fed. Speed up the cool down by popping their food in the freezer. Takes only a minute or two to cool completely! 

Hope this gave you some ideas for your toddlers! Look for more Nora Eats posts in the future!

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