Quiet Time Resources

DSC_0653It is so important to spend time in the Bible or simply with God each day. This can be a daunting task if you aren’t sure what to do during that time. Sometimes just reading scripture isn’t going to cut it. I am one who really likes to have some sort of guide or outline. Because of this, I own so many devotionals,  journals, and other quiet time resources and materials. I’m always in search of ones that work for me or are new and unique. I want to share with you some of the things I use and love. Most of these items I found because someone else shared them with me. I hope I can do that same for you!

This topic is not really new to my blog, but it is one that is ever-changing. If you want to see my other post about this topic, clock HERE

She Reads Truth Bible

If you follow me on Instagram or have had a conversation with me lately, then you know this is my favorite thing right now! This Bible is just amazing and the perfect scripture study tool! There are short devotions throughout, beautiful graphics, maps, graphs, tips on studying and in the back there is a plan to read the Bible in a year. I am so in love with all the features, the translation (New Standard Version) and it is just gorgeous! Get yours here!

Give Me Jesus Journal

I talk about this journal quite a bit because I am a huge fan. I love anything that Life Lived Beautifully creates! The Give Me Jesus Journal is a guided journal that gives you prompts to help you study the Bible in depth. I love this because it helps me look deeper and focus on a scripture rather than just reading to read. I’m also a sucker for anything floral so I love all of their designs! Get yours here! 

Prayer Journal

I really love this Val Marie Paper Prayer Journal. It is so simple but helps me to remember all the things I should be praying for. It has sections for 12 months. Each monthly section has guides of what areas of life to be praying for. It has country, family, community and many more labels. Get yours here! 

Blank Journals, Pens and Highlighters

I also always have blank journals laying around to write in take notes. I always go for sturdy ones that are really pretty and like to have different sizes. I usually buy my journals at Barnes and Noble or Target. I also love a good pen and do not like to write in plain black or blue ink. Color is just so much more fun! So I always find fun pens to write with and these are my favorite. I also just recently discovered gel highlighters, they are perfect for marking up my Bible! They don’t bleed or run and will not mark on my skin!


My hope is that some of this was helpful to you and getting the most out of your time with God. Mine doesn’t always look pretty. I don’t always have a candle lit, warm coffee, a cozy spot to sit and worship music playing. Sometimes my background noise is Nora playing and my house smells like dirty diapers and my coffee is lukewarm. All that matters to God is that you are making the effort to meet with him each day. These tools can really make your time with him more meaningful and easier!

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