Year 5

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Today my groom and I have been married for five years! We are officially out of the “newlywed” category and some days, it feels like it! Life has drastically changed since we first were pronounced husband and wife on May 25, 2012. We have graduated, taken and left jobs, lived in three homes, navigated finances, endured losses, and expanded our family. Some days these things seem to wear on our marriage and relationship to one another. Commitments and responsibilities take a front seat and shift our focus. We no longer only have to look out for only ourselves and get to be selfish. We have jobs, a house, a child. It’s exhausting. Draining.

But there is no one else on this earth I would rather trudge through life with.

Yes, we are adults and we have to work, pay bills, care for our belongings and take care of our little girl but we get to do that together. Each day we get to face challenges hand-in-hand and grow together. No one in my life knows me better than he does and there is something really beautiful about that. I trust him with my whole heart and though we may no longer be considered newlyweds, most days we still feel like we are! Life is fun when you are married to your best friend. Fighting battles together is rewarding and growing in our faith side-by-side is a privilege.

I love you with all my heart Ceej! Let’s multiply our years of marriage times 10 and then some more!

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