Three on Friday | Off Week

I have felt very “off” this week. Tired, lazy, unmotivated. Work is rough right now. Any teacher will tell you that the last month is awful, and for me it’s also the last month of my career. Lots of mixed emotions that carry over to home.

Plus, I had such an amazing spring break it made it really hard to go back to school.

I wasn’t going to put in the work to write a Five on Friday post cause I simply didn’t feel like it. But, I figure picking out some positives from the week would be a great way to lift my spirits! Couldn’t think of five, so three will have to do!

So here ya go! My top 3 from the week!

| One |

Collin and I went on a date on my last day of break (Monday) and it was just so great! We didn’t do anything special. In fact, we were late and where we planned to eat didn’t work out. So we ate at Applebees since it was close to the theater where we were seeing Beauty and the Beast (so good!). We did dinner and a movie and then rushed home to relieve my sister from baby duty! It was nothing special, but we both thoroughly enjoyed it! Not very often is it just the two of us anymore.  It’s so important to take time out to “date” your spouse. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 7.23.58 PM

| Two |

I hit 1,000 photos on Instagram! While this may seem silly to some, it truly makes me smile. I love those little squares of memories so much! I can’t tell you how many times I go back and look through my photos and get all emotional and nostalgic! 1,000! Yay!

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 7.24.59 PM

| Three |

If you’ve hung around here a while you know that The Hubs and I love to play games! We are always on the hunt for great two-player games and for Valentine’s Day Collin bought me Patchwork. We have been playing it here lately and it is so fun! It is only for two players so it is just a special game for my man and me! (Shoutout to another fun new game Sushi Go)


Hopefully next week I won’t be feeling so “off” and can present you with a stronger Five on Friday! 😉

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