Easter Basket Upset

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 3.22.28 PMI will be the first to admit that I poo-poo on most commercialized holiday traditions. I just dislike seeing how most holidays have been turned into a time to spend tons of money and give unnecessary gifts. I am especially bothered when Christian holidays that have an incredible, true meaning are secularized and turned into something they were never really intended to be.

I know that my view is the unpopular one. I mostly keep my mouth shut about it when I am around those I don’t know love me unconditionally. Even before I was married or had a child I had strong opinions on holiday traditions.

I was adamant about not making a big deal out of Halloween and I never wanted my kids to wear scary or demonic costumes. Only happy costumes, minimal trick-or-treating and it stops at 5th grade for us.

I never wanted to pretend Santa brought all the presents under the tree and I didn’t want to go broke buying gifts for my kids. Christmas is NOT about presents and never will be. More on that HERE and HERE.

I will most likely never buy a valentines gift for my kids. I might make them sugar cookies like my mom did when I was growing up. But that’s only if I get to eat 10 of them too. Valentine’s Day is cute but it’s a made up holiday that I don’t feel the need to shell out cash for.

I didn’t even know that pretending a leprechaun has broken into your house and setting a trap for him was a thing. Then I saw it all over the internet this March. Not in our house. Just wear green and call it a day! 

Which brings me to Easter and why I am writing today…

Easter is approaching and it had struck me that I had never really thought much about how we would celebrate it in our family. Last year was Nora’s first Easter but she was only two months old and couldn’t really appreciate anything. Plus, I was full force in the newborn-haze.

We always dyed eggs and had a hunt growing up and I think that tradition is so fun! Nothing to do with Christ’s resurrection but a fun event to do as a family. One Easter tradition my family never did was Easter baskets. Another tradition that has nothing to do with Jesus and everything to do with gifts and spending money. Ugh.

I didn’t even know that was a thing until college. So, naturally when I did begin thinking about what the Easter season would look like in our family I immediately decided there would be no Easter baskets.

Cue backstory.

So, if you haven’t sort of picked up on this already, I came from a family that never bought into the commercialized holiday traditions. I am a product of my raising. My husband however, came from a family that did it all! Santa, Easter baskets, halloween crazy and everything else!

When I told Collin I didn’t plan on making Nora an Easter basket I could sense his immediate objection. Collin speaks so fondly of holidays growing up and I have had a chance to see how fun some of that stuff really can be. Collin’s family does a great job of keeping Christ at the center of the holiday but also doing all the popular traditions.

So my man explained to me that he would really like if we could do Easter baskets for our kids because we aren’t doing Santa or tons or presents or Halloween parties or anything else fun. So, I whipped up an Easter basket for my gal but I also ordered her a Bible so I can make sure she knows the true meaning of Easter while she eats her Reese’s Egg and hugs her little purple bunny. Marriage and parenting are full of compromises and this is one I can live with.

Plus, I have a feeling I might be singing a different tune when I see how excited Nora is to dig into these treasures.


2 thoughts on “Easter Basket Upset

  1. Deborah Raney says:

    I love it! It’s so fun to see how each of your traditions from childhood blend into one that you can call your own. (Did you know I always had an Easter basket growing up? Usually, it included socks and underwear to go with our new Easter dress that Grammy sewed, but we were still excited about waking up to find it.)


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