What’s Next?


Since my announcement yesterday I have gotten many questions about the whole situation. Thought I would address some of them here in case you’re wondering too!

I love blogging to entertain others and because I enjoy the creativity of it , but I also love how I will forever have this montage of our life to look back on. I want to remember some of the practical stuff  in this time of BIG change!

So today, a little FAQ 😉

How long have you known about this?

I got the inkling that I might want to stay home this past August but it was really just a seed at the time. As some time passed, and after lots of thinking and even more prayer, Collin and I decided we would see if it was possible. By the end of October/early November we had decided. We kept it to ourselves for a long time and slowly told family and friends. I only announced it at my school three weeks ago and now… everyone knows!

What’s the plan from here? Will you go back to teaching? 

I really have no long-term plan at this point because there are too many what-ifs. We would like more kids and I would like to be able to stay home until they are all in school. That could be ten to fifteen years from now. A lot can change in that amount of time. So, I’d say the best way to answer that question is – I’m letting God lead me. And isn’t that always the best plan anyway?

You’re so lucky you are able to do this.

So, not really a question but I wanted to address this simply because I feel passionate about it. Someone at work teased me by saying “Oh, it must be nice having plenty of money so you can stay home and not work.” Totally not offended by this and I teased right back, but it got me thinking. Collin and I have always lived well within our means. We are not rich, we are not poor, we simply do and buy what we can afford. This has meant we have to make some sacrifices. Our house is not amazing, we don’t have the newest, fanciest cars, we live without a lot of things that others think they can’t live without. Things will be tight the first few years, especially as we make adjustments to living on one income. However, to us, it was worth it and we are making changes in the way we live to prepare.

Does this mean you will blog more?

I actually got asked this by a few people and was flattered! I am hoping to be able to devote a little more time to some things I love and blogging is one of them! I know I will be busy with my gal and keeping up a house but it’s important to make time for things you love… so I will!

If you have anymore questions, shoot them my way! I’m and open blog (see what I did there?)


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