Photo Every Hour – Lazy Saturday

I always end up loving these posts and so enjoy looking back at old ones I have done. I like seeing life just as it is. Everyday, life! On this day, Collin was in Memphis for a work trip. So, Nora and momma had a girl’s day!

Here is a glimpse into our lazy Saturday.

| Six |

Up early and starting off with some coffee! I like mine with a spoonful of sweetened condensed milk and a splash of half and half! img_7779

| Seven|

Nora always lets us know she’s awake by banging on the door with a paci. She’s so happy to see us in the mornings! P.S. I think this kid might finally be getting more teeth, the drool has been rampant the last few days! Maybe she won’t only have two teeth forever. Fingers crossed! img_7808

| Eight |

Nora had pancakes and blueberries for breakfast and is ready to play! She goes hard in the mornings and plays so well by herself. I sat on the couch sipping coffee, listening to Ellie Holcomb while she played. Love slow mornings and this view! screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-11-07-54-am

| Nine |

Praise the Lord that Nora still takes a morning nap! We read a story, I lay her down and she goes to sleep. She is the BEST little sleeper! img_7806

| Ten |

Nora fell asleep pretty much immediately so I hopped in the shower then laid down on the couch to relax and watch some Fixer Upper. img_7807

| Eleven |

Nora loves to eat and lunch is one of her favorites! Today she had summer sausage, mixed veggies, cheese and black beans.


| Twelve |

It’s playtime! Nora likes to wreck the house after lunch! Ha!img_7832

| One |

I have been craving chicken salad (specifically from a little sandwich shop in town) but to save money I decided to make my own! Nora kept running over and wanting a piece of apple! img_7828

| Two |

After I put Nora down for her afternoon nap I did a little blogging and had dessert! This combo always makes me think of the movie Parent Trap! img_7830

| Three |

For the last little bit of nap time I watched Midnight in Paris and folded laundry. img_7845

| Four |

Nora woke up cranky because she was poopy (don’t blame her) and I wasn’t quite done folding laundry. img_7844

| Five |

It was 64 degrees this day so Nora and I headed out to play in the yard before dinner! She loves her new sand/water table! I’ll be happy when we get a little more grass. img_7843

| Six |

Dinnertime! And since it was just us girls, we had some of our favorites! Mac and Cheese and steamed broccoli and carrots! Yum!img_7842

| Seven |

I didn’t get anymore pictures after dinner but Nora and I did share a frozen yogurt bar and I got this cute video! Then she was off to bed and daddy came home at eight!

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