Lazy DIY

So everyone has the one spot in there house where all the “junk” goes. You know, the catch-all. Well mine is a little white, chippy-paint table between our kitchen and living room. All the “office” stuff and pens, tape, coupons go there. I also put my purse and Nora’s daycare bag on the little shelf below. It always looks cluttered and busy and Nora is always getting into the bags and taking everything out!

So, I had an idea and tried it out. I created a skirt (no-sew, I might add) and put it around the bottom of the table. I am happy with how it turned out but if you came to my house I wouldn’t want you to look too closely at it. I can’t sew so it is pieced together sloppily. I also did not inherit my dad’s perfectionist gene and so most DIY projects end with me saying “good enough” instead of “perfect.”

Either way, I like it and it looks cute! Win-win!

Before – a cluttered mess.


After – cute new skirt and hidden bags!


It may have been a lazy DIY, but at least I DIY’ed at all!


Fabric | Hobby Lobby

Table: Hobby Lobby (years ago)

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