Simply the Best


This man.

This total hunk is 27 today. Words truly cannot express how much I love and appreciate him. He is many things and I could never even begin to list them all, but here are a few of my favorite things about my amazing man!

He is a hard worker. He takes on any task he needs to and does it to his absolute best. You won’t hear him complain about working too much either, he is always positive.

He shows his love. Nora and I never have to guess if we are loved. He is always showing us in so many ways. Whether it’s little surprises, compliments or a random hug, we will never wonder how loved we are.

He is a total goofball. There is no shortage of laughter in our house, that’s for sure. I love how goofy we can be together and how he can always put a smile on my face. Nora loves to be goofy with her daddy now too and it melts my momma heart.

He helps around the house. And all the ladies said amen! I rarely have to ask for help with something that needs to be done around the house. He sees it needs done and does it! I love that we can work together to get through the mundane in life.

He is the best daddy. I knew when I married him he’d be a great dad, but great doesn’t quite cover it. The term hands-on-dad was made for him. He changes diapers, wipes faces, cleans up toys and gives the best hamper rides. Nora and our future kiddos are so lucky to have the best dad ever.

He serves God. He is always striving to strengthen his relationship with God and is working to be a leader in our church. I admire his faith and I know our kids will too.

So, Collin James, on this special day I hope you know just how loved you are by your girls! Happy Birthday!

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