1st Birthday Inspiration

I cannot believe that I am already planning Nora’s first birthday party! This year went by way too fast and it makes me want to cry. However, I am having a lot of fun planning this party!

I am not sure yet how we will do birthdays in our family. Will we go all out each year? Have small family parties? Have some fun tradition we do on birthdays each year? Have blowouts for the big ones (5, 10, 13 etc.) and keep it low key on the others?

I don’t know yet. I do know that a first birthday is exciting and I want to celebrate it BIG time! I mean, half the celebration is that we kept a kid alive for a while year! This party is for Nora and the parents!

Having a graphic designer as a husband is the best! He designed these darling birthday invitations!


I decided to go with the “theme” of “Twinkle, Twinkle little star, one year old is what you are” and use lots of gold and pink. Here are some Pinterest pictures I used for inspiration. If you want to follow the actual pins you can visit my page here : Nora’s Birthday – Looking Ahead

I can’t wait to show you the real pictures soon!

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