The Marriage Chronicles | Vol 5

Marriage is amazing. It’s fun, exciting, blessed and such an adventure.

Marriage is also hard. Blending two lives together, making tough decisions and navigating through all that life throws, is incredibly challenging. In the scheme of things, Collin and I’s four and a half year marriage is very short. But let me tell you, the tough stuff doesn’t wait until year ten or twenty. In our limited time as a married couple, we have already dealt with some tough stuff.

We still have so much to learn, but these posts will chronicle some things we have gone through, some advice, lessons we’ve learned, funny stories and just plain ol’ anything-but-boring married life adventures!

These are the marriage chronicles.

Vol. 5 | Unconnected Fun


My husband and I are as guilty as the next couple of spending our time together after Nora goes to bed on our phones or watching t.v. There isn’t really anything wrong with that and sometimes it is just what we feel like doing. However, we found that we often got bored of that but would just continue to flip on a show until we got tired and summoned the will-power to make it to our bed. About two years ago we made a big change in this area and never looked back. Now, we only watch a show maybe two nights a week and a movie one night a week. We are intentional about spending our time together in other ways and we want to challenge other couples to do the same!

Now don’t hear me wrong, we love a good movie night or Netflix binge as much as the next person, but it can get old and there are so many other ways to spend those few hours we have just the two of us! Below are some of the things you and your spouse can do instead of veg-out in front of the t.v.

One | Play Games Together.

Collin and I love to play games and we have found some great two-player games in our searching! We are both pretty competitive so the competition is fun. Sometimes we sit at the kitchen table, sometimes we sit on the couch and use the coffee table and we have even sat in bed and used an upside-down hamper as our table. Playing games together always leads to lots of laughter and sometimes even some great conversations. We always play best two out of three and there has to be a winner. You can bet whoever the winner is gloats for days after their victory. Some of our favorite two-player games are: Skip-Bo | Qwixx | Five Crowns | 59 Seconds | Phase 10 | Scrabble 


Two | Read A Book

Now this one isn’t necessarily together, but we still like to consider this time just the two of us. We both love to read so some nights, as nerdy as it may be, we will sit on the couch or lay in bed and read our books side-by-side. We usually always end up asking about each other’s books or telling the other what is happening in the part we are reading. It’s a nice break from television and something we both enjoy doing. So why not enjoy it side-by-side!

Three | Accomplish a Household Chore

I am so lucky to have a husband who helps around the house. He is always willing to take on household tasks with me and I love him extra for that! Many times if we aren’t able to get dinner cleaned up before Nora goes to bed we will clean it up together. We play some music and sing and dance while we get the job done. Takes us half the time and we make it fun!

Four | Workout

We did a great job of this a while ago, but lately we have been working our separately. When we were working out together, it was a great way to hold each other accountable and spend quality time together. Many nights one of us was not feeling it so the other would have to force convince them to get movin’. We love to make fun of the instructors in our videos and challenge each other on certain moves.

Five | Movie Night

Of course sometimes it is just time for a movie. We like to do our movie nights right! We pop popcorn, have milkshakes or candy, turn all the lights off and sit side-by-side snuggling under a blanket. Of course the dogs squeeze in between us too. Great way to relax, be together and snuggle!

Six | Get Funky

Yes, I just referred to sex as getting funky, I try to keep things PG around here. I don’t think this one needs any further explanation, it’s just a great way for a married couple to spend time together!

So on your next evening with your spouse, try not to flip on the t.v. immediately and instead do one of the items above together! Trust me, it will be fun!

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