Realistic Goals


Like most people I set goals for myself each new year. I know it is maybe the most cliche thing on earth, but I always feel refreshed come January first and I get excited for what’s to come.

In the past I have set goals with great intentions but that were a HUGE change from how I did things before. Working out is almost always one of my goals and often I set the goal because I am not currently working out at all. So I get all inspired and decide I want to workout five days a week! Good intentions for sure. Realistic? Not at all.

When setting those previous goals, the first time I would fail I would just quit altogether. It was too easy to give up when I felt like I would never reach the goal anyway. So, this year I set myself a realistic goal for working out.

Workout two times a week.

That’s it. It can be any day of the week and any time of day. All I have to do is fit in two workouts each week, whenever I can. I created a chart to checkoff because I am a very visual person. I made a bonus box because if I’m feelin’ it, why not go for three times? So far I have only done two weeks of this, but I have met my goal each week. It’s realistic for my lifestyle, so I can stick with it!

Here’s to weeks more of meeting goals!

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