2016 | A Look Back

What a crazy, exciting and life-changing year it has been! I love writing these posts because they really make me reflect on the year and all the good. Last year (2015) was a really rough year for our little family and I am so happy to say that this year was the exact opposite! When I look back over 2016 I can see God’s hand all over my family and it is so fun to count the blessings he gifted our family this past year!

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| January 2016 |

| January was spent preparing for Baby Smith. It’s so crazy to think that we didn’t know if there was  a little girl or a little boy in my belly. We got all of our baby gear set up and washed all the little clothes and then we waited.

| I got in lots of snuggles with the pups knowing their lives were about to change forever.

| On the last day in January I went into labor, dilated to 5cm and labor stalled. I was sent home, put on bed rest and played the waiting game.

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| February 2016 |

| February was definitely the month of Nora Kate! She arrived February 10th at 9:04am and I was shocked she was a girl!

| I spend February in a haze of total elation and raging hormones. It was the best and craziest month of my life!

| Navigating motherhood was hard but falling in love with my little girl was the easiest thing I ever did.

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| March 2016 |

| Nora turned one month old and I began to get the hang of being a mommy.

| Breastfeeding was a huge struggle for us from day one and things never really got much better. I fought through the issues this month and continued to nurse, but it was the hardest thing I had ever done.

| At the end of March I returned to work and Nora started day care. I take back what I said above… THAT was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

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| April 2016 |

| Nora turned 2 moths old and this month brought her first smiles. Still nothing better than seeing my gal smile at me!

| Nora celebrated her first Easter at our little church.

| I began to get in the groove of being a working mom.

| Nora got sick for the first time and I stayed home with her. We snuggled all day long!

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| May 2016 |

| Nora turned 3 months and was starting to be so much more fun! She began to coo and smiled all the time! She also began sleeping through the night in her crib!

| I celebrated my first Mother’s Day and learned why there is a day just to celebrate moms. We work hard!

| School ended for me and Summer began!

| Nora made her first long road trip to Kansas to attended one of friend’s wedding! She was a trouper in both the car and at the wedding!

| Collin and I celebrated our fourth anniversary. And in true fashion of our new life, Nora went on our lunch date with us!

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| June 2016 |

| Nora turned four months old and we celebrated finding out about her a year ago!

| Nora had lots of firsts in June. She swam for the first time, learned to screech, ate baby food for the first time and learned to blow spit bubbles!

| Collin got to celebrate his first Father’s Day. He is truly the sweetest and most attentive dad to our little girl!

| I was falling in love with summer’s home with my gal! We went on tons of walks, a few shopping adventures and we played all day long!

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| July 2016 |

| Nora turned five months and boy did her little personality come through! She is a sweet little spitfire!

| We celebrated her first Independence Day, but she was already asleep when the fireworks were going off.

| Both Nora and Collin rode on an airplane for the first time when we went to Seattle to visit my family! Nora slept through both flights and even the entire time we were walking through the Phoenix airport. To say she was rockstar is an understatement.

| I spent quite a few days working in my classroom or preparing things at home. Nora got to help me get ready!

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| August 2016 |

| Nora turned six months old and the fun really began! She started trying to crawl and began belly laughing! Month six is when the fun really began!

| We crammed in as many fun summer activities as possible! Swimming, walks, ice cream, date night, and a wedding.

| Sadly, I also had to go back to work. Leaving Nora at this point in her life was really hard, I felt like I was missing a lot. Luckily, I had a good group of students and Nora loves her babysitters.

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| September 2016 |

| Nora turned seven months old and was on the go! She began to crawl everywhere and sit up on her own!

| I turned 26 and Collin and I celebrated in St. Louis. We spent our first weekend away from Nora and guess what… it was a blast!

| I started to really get serious about my blog (as in make some money). I began to advertise, post daily and make it more than just a hobby!

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| October 2016 |

| Nora turned eight months. She started pulling up and walking around things, she began eating finger foods and said “dada!”

| October is always a busy month and this October was no different. We made trips to visit family, were busy at church and tried to have as much fun with Nora as possible!

| We made a trip to the local pumpkin patch and went on a walk every night.

| My Grammy passed away and Nora and I traveled to Kansas to attended her memorial service.

| Nora celebrated her first Halloween as an adorable pink butterfly.

| My first writing piece was published and I became a contributor for Her View From Home.com

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| November 2016 |

| Nora turned nine months old. She finally got a tooth, said momma and began to stand on her own!

| We had family pictures taken at the beginning of the month. Sadly, they were the first professional photos we ever had taken of Nora!

| Nora celebrated her first Thanksgiving and spent her Thanksgiving Break at home with momma!

| We decorated our house for Christmas and began celebrating the most wonderful time of the year a little early!

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| December 2016 |

| Nora turned a whopping ten months old and I think it was my favorite month yet! She began walking and developed a sense of humor!

| Christmas Break began for mommy and Nora and boy did they have fun!

| Our little family had four Christmas celebrations in Illinois, Missouri and Kansas!

| Celebrating the Christmas season and seeing it all through Nora’s eyes is the absolute best!

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 What an absolutely amazing year it has been! I head back to work tomorrow and as sad as that makes me, I am excited for new things to come! I have a feeling 2017 is going to be the best year yet for our little family… and you can quote me on that!

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