Momma Confessions III


These are my confessions.

One | I still wear quite a few of my maternity shirts and pants. They are just so comfortable and they hide my leftover tummy.

Two | Nora played with my brush as I was getting ready one day. I wasn’t paying very close attention and then realized she was “brushing” the toilet. I took it away, set it aside then proceeded to use it 10 minutes later without thinking about it. Oh well, at least I did my hair that day… right?

Three | The other day, every time I was near Nora I smelled a weird smell. I couldn’t figure out what it was so I brushed her teeth, washed her hands and face and even cleaned out her ears. Then it dawned on me… poop. Yep, it was a dirty diaper all along. Duh.

Four | We literally did 99% of our Christmas shopping online. Amazon Prime is the best! We even had all of my family’s gifts shipped to my parent’s house so we don’t have to pack them.

Five | I beat my standing record of times the same load has been dried. The other day the same load was “fluffed” four times. Oops!

Six | Nora has learned how to kiss and recently her favorite thing to kiss is Kira. Meaning her mouth is wide open and Kira just licks her. It’s gross, but kind of adorable. Before you judge, I only let it happen like three times before I put an end to it. #momwin  Right?

Seven | I rocked Nora for an extra 20 minutes the other night because she fell asleep snuggling in my arms. Those are the moments I live for.


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