I Prayed For This

dsc_0822Just like any other mom, I have days when things are really rough and I want to lock myself in a room to escape Nora and all that being her mom entails. It’s a big deal having the responsibility of raising a little human and it comes with a lot of pressure. It’s loads of work to keep her alive and happy each and every day. Whenever I get caught up in moments of self-pity and wishing away the tough stuff I remind myself of one thing.

I prayed for this.


I prayed for sleepless nights.

I prayed for a toy-ridden house.

I prayed for blowouts.

I prayed for weekend mornings when we all rise before the sun.

I prayed for baby tears.

I prayed for never having a warm meal again.

I prayed for missed naps.

I prayed for baby coughs and little sleep.

I prayed for missed outings with friends.

I prayed for oatmeal covered hair and mid-day baths.

I prayed for runny noses.

I prayed for spilled water on the floor cause I just didn’t catch her in time.

I prayed for spit-up covered clothes.

I prayed for a clingy tot who won’t leave my side.

I prayed for mountains of little outfits to wash.


I prayed for all of those things and so much more. Our road to having Nora was not a simple one. It was littered with heartache and scattered with prayer. So, in moments I may be wishing away the tough stuff, I will always remember that all of that also comes along with a darling, sweet baby girl who I prayed for.

And I thank God for my answered prayer.


2 thoughts on “I Prayed For This

  1. Deborah Raney says:

    Such a good reminder! Right up there with “This, too, shall pass.” Every hard stage is temporary and will soon pass (sometimes to be replaced by an even harder stage, but past, nonetheless. At least until the next baby comes along and rocks your world all over again. 🙂 ) But from the perspective I now enjoy 40 years after my first baby came along: it’s so so so so worth it! A thousand times worth it! 🙂


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