Failed Photoshoot

So this  past weekend we had a random 68 degree day that was sandwiched between two days in the 20’s. It was strange, but I saw it as the perfect opportunity to get some pictures taken that I’d been wanting for a while.

There is this old barn behind our house (#smalltownlife) and we took our pregnancy announcements by it and loved how they turned out. It’s real rusty and cool looking. I have been wanting some new pictures for the welcome page on my blog so I saw this as a great opportunity to get some. And figured we could get some family pictures with the tripod while we’re at it!

I got all gussied up, put Nora in an adorable tutu dress and made Collin look presentable too. I was pretty excited because my hair had achieved optimal volume! Nora was absolutely to die for in her dress and Collin looked pretty dang nice too! I had visions of the perfect picture (you know, the one those model families take on Instagram) and I was so excited!

Well, the weather was the only thing that worked out for us…

First, as we are walking over there I realized I forgot the piece that attached the camera to the tripod. Rendering the tripod useless. So there went the idea of family pictures.

As we walked up to the barn there was this really cute grey and white cat in the front yard of one of the houses. Both Collin and I remarked how cute it was and how it looked really young.

Next, the side of the barn we had used before (that was best for the light) had a truck parked in front of it and we were to scared to see if there was someone back there. The truck was in the way anyway.

We settled for the other side of the barn but it was really windy and there was nothing to block it. Also, the sun was going in and out of behind clouds and when it came out it was SUPER bright.

We took a few pictures and I really struggled to a. keep my eyes open and b. keep my hair out of my face because of the wind (the volume was gone by this point). They looked okay on the small camera screen but it was hard to see in the blazing sun.

Remember the cat I mentioned before? Well, about ten minutes into our photoshoot an older man came out of the house where the cat had been. He got in a green van and started backing out and Collin turned just as the man ran over the cat! The man had no idea and just drove away while we watch in horror as the cat died. It was awful and I started to cry. No one had seen it happen so Collin went to the door and told the lady what had happened. Turns out it was the neighbors cat so Collin went to tell them. Collin knocked, rang the doorbell and went around to the back of the house and they never came to the door. So we had to just leave that poor cat there to be discovered by the owners.

I was upset, Nora was done sitting in the stroller and so we headed back home. I hadn’t taken any pictures of Nora in her tutu so we stopped to take a few in front of the garage door. Nora was not having it, she wouldn’t smile, her eyes were closed most of the time and she would look everywhere but the camera. It was probably the biggest (and saddest) fail ever as far as photoshoots go.

I’ll let the pictures prove it.


Pretty great right? Ha!

Well, I at least got one that isn’t terrible for a future post and a few cute pictures of Nora in front of our Christmas tree. Hoping we have better luck at our next photoshoot!

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