Nora’s First “Christmas”

So every year we celebrate Christmas with pajamas and appetizers with my husband’s parents, his sister and her family. Due to how crazy the season gets, we always celebrate a few weekends before Christmas. This year because of sickness, we only got to spend one day together but we sure had a great time!

Nora opened her first presents ever! She loved tearing the wrapping paper.

The cousins wore matching pajamas.

Nora got a BIG activity center from her Grammy and Pa

Nora and her cousins practiced sharing 😉

The Smith Pups joined us.

Nora spent most of her time playing with a box that Collin’s shirt came in.


It was a great evening and I loved sharing the joy of Christmas with Nora for the first time! The great thing is, we get to do it two more times!!!


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