Nora Kate | Month Ten

Wow! I cannot believe that we are in double digits and that in two short months our gal will be ONE! Seriously time is a thief and a fast little bugger!

This month has been one of my favorites so far. Nora is doing so much and her little personality is coming out in full force!

Here are the deets!dsc_0590S T A T S

Weight | 21lbs
Height |29 inches
Diapers | Size 3
Clothes | 9-12 month


W H A T ‘S N E W

| Not full-on walking yet but she walks between furniture and takes anywhere from 8-10 steps unassisted.
| When she’s not walking she speed crawls all over the house.
| Says “dada” “mama” “uh-oh” “nana” we’re not sure what she means by “nana” but she says it all the time.
| Drinking water from a sippy like a pro
| Claps, waves and puts her hands above her head when we do it and say “Nora” real excited like!
| Baby Girl loves to sing. She sings anytime there is music or we are singing. Her babysitters say she sings all the time there.

LOVES books. Her favorite is still Hoot Hoot
LOVES her new retro red play kitchen
LOVES being tossed in the air
LOVES walking

HATES getting her face wiped off.
HATES bright sun in her eyes.



Nora is still the best eater! She is mastering the pincer grasp and feeds herself so well! She has started to not be as crazy about her bottle. She likes it still but often she eats so much real food that she ends up leaving a few ounces. Some of her favorite foods include: peas, banana, blueberries, raspberries, cheese and crackers. I pray she eats this well her whole life!


Still the best sleeper. I am seriously waiting for the other shoe to drop someday because this kid sleeps so well. She rarely wakes in the middle of the night and if she does we just help her find a paci and she pops it in and goes right back to sleep. She still puts herself down at night and for naps. She doesn’t always nap well at daycare because she doesn’t like to miss out on any fun but at home she takes 2 long naps! Here is a rough schedule:

|Wakes up at 6:30 – sometimes earlier but she plays until we go and get her.

| Morning nap around 9am which usually lasts an 1-1.5 hours

| Afternoon nap around 1pm which usually lasts about 2 hours

| In bed and asleep by at least 7:30pm every night

Believe me, we realize how blessed we are. I know mostly it’s her temperament but we also attribute a lot of this to putting her on a strict schedule and Cry It Out.


Oh Nora Kate,

You are just the biggest light in our family’s life right now! You are the sweetest and snuggliest girl. You are always so happy and quick to giggle and smile. You play so well by yourself and love to explore everything around the house. We are so smitten with you Nora Kate and we cannot wait to watch you grow more and more!


10 Month Photos


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