Tis a Gift to be Simple

This Christmas season may be more exciting than any other year before. I absolutely love this time of year!

There is a saying about how you think Christmas is great until you get to see it through your child’s eyes and then it become even better. Christmas festivities haven’t even begun and I am just giddy about Nora experiencing all that the holiday brings! She absolutely loved when we first lit up the tree and she oogles at the lights on our front porch. I have been listening to Christmas music non-stop since after Thanksgiving and I just love hearing Nora “sing” along!

While I love many of the “commercialized” Christmas trappings and traditions, I am not fond of the crazy amounts of gifts and money spent. I grew up in a family that did very little with gifts on Christmas and I married into a family who loves to give gifts. I can absolutely appreciate both!

My family never had a ton of money and with four kids is would have cost a lot to buy multiple gifts for everyone. We used to get one or two small gifts from our parents and then a stocking full of little goodies. It never bothered me as a kid and it became what I was used to. Gifts were just never a big thing in my family.

My husband’s family loves to give gifts! That is their love language! They are always seeing things they think we will like and giving them to us for no reason. It is one of the ways they show their love and it always makes me feel warm and fuzzy to know I was thought of. Christmas is always fun with them because I love to see their faces when I open a gift they are excited to give me!

There are so many ways of doing Christmas and of approaching gifts during the season. Collin and I really wanted to be able to blend the two styles together.  We want to show Nora how much we love her by giving her some nice things, but also not making gifts the center of the holiday, which is really all about Jesus!

Enter, Want, Need, Wear, Read. Now I cannot take credit for this amazing idea but we are adopting it into our family! This year, Nora will get four gifts. Something she wants, something she needs, something to wear and something to read! ( I feel like Dr. Seuss)

When I first came across this idea I fell in love immediately. I like that it is not over the top. I don’t have to shell our hundreds of dollars on gifts and Nora won’t spend hours opening presents on Christmas morning.

Now of course I am aware that she is only going to be 10.5 months old this Christmas but we want to begin our traditions now and carry them through the years with all of our kids!

Below is what Nora is getting this year!

noragiftsRetro Play Kitchen – Now I will admit, this is more of mommy’s want than Nora’s cause it will look so dang cute in our house! I know Nora will love it though because she loves to open and close things and pull up on anything her height. I have the perfect spot in the kitchen for it so she can cook with me at dinner time! Price | $109.00 (we scored it for $75.00 on Black Friday)

Munchkin Bath Toy OrganizerMunchkin Bath Toy Organizer – Nora has been needing this for a long time. Right now we keep all of her toys in a plastic organizer I stole from my classroom and it doesn’t drain the water. So this gift is long overdue! What I love about the need is that we would have eventually spent the money on it anyway and now it can be presented as a gift! Price | $ 8.80

Flower Print Hoodie and Pants – This was a fun gift to pick out because I love shopping for clothes for my baby girl! I am a sucker for anything floral so this outfit was perfect! Price | $8.50 

Usbourne First Words Animal Book – I love children’s book and think it is so important to read to little ones. As Nora approaches one she is going to start saying words (is this real life?) and I thought this book would be perfect to teach her animals and their sounds! The pictures are so stinking cute! My sister in-law sells Usbourne so it was the perfect opportunity to help her out and get a sweet book! Price | $7.99


Christmas is a holiday to celebrate Jesus and his birth. No doubt that is the true reason for the season. But giving gifts can be fun and really is a way to show your family you love them and have them in mind. I encourage you to think about how much you are spending and what you are making Christmas all about. Find a happy medium and then celebrate and enjoy your holiday!

7 thoughts on “Tis a Gift to be Simple

  1. Fi says:

    I’m loving this idea! As a new mum I never really knew what I should be getting my boy for christmas, but this is the perfect ‘formula’ for buying kids gifts. I’ll definitely be following this, thanks! 😀


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