#Momstyle and Budget Shopping

Fashion. I have a love/hate relationship with clothes. I really like clothes and I have opinions about outfits and pieces. I like to look good and stay up with some of the trends (I cannot get behind the chokers though, sorry).

The problems is, I am so cheap when it comes to clothes. I’m talking, twenty-dollars-seems-outrageous-to-spend-on-a-shirt-to-me cheap. I pretty much never buy anything unless it is on sale and don’t really like shopping so I mostly buy things online. I also prefer shops like Zulily and Jane because they offer a large variety of products at a huge discount.

I recently discovered Jane and am so excited for the opportunity to work with them! Jane is an online boutique marketplace that sells boutique pieces for discounted prices. They have clothes of all kinds, shoes, accessories and even items for the home! While having all those items in one place can be dangerous to your bank account, their stuff really is super cheap. I got this sweater in the photo below for $16.99 and the layering cami for $5.99. Both are great quality and a staple in my closet now!

Because Jane runs products from a number of shops, their items are only available for a limited time. So, if you see something you want… JUMP ON IT!

You have got to check them out! So many great options, low prices and wonderful quality!

Follow these links for some of my favorite items on Jane“>Jane.com right now!

Plaid Pancho | Pinhole Detail Booties / 3 Colors!“>Booties | Luxury Maxi Wrap Dress / Floral and Solid“>Floral Wrap Maxi | S-3XL / Heathered Slimming Fleece Leggings“>Fleece Lined Leggings

*As an affiliate for Jane“>Jane I receive a small commission if you, the reader, purchase anything after following the links on my site.

Daily Boutique Deals

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