Photo (Almost) Every Hour

| Seven |

Bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready for a big day at home with mama!img_6679

| Eight |

My gal plays hard in the mornings. She is always in a great mood and ready to go, go, go! We call her our little tornado.img_6729

| Nine |

Nora is down for her morning map so I get to sit down, drink my warm coffee and read the Bible. img_6686

| Ten |

She’s up! It poured a lot of the day and she loved to watch it out the window.img_6678

| Eleven |

Lunch time! Nora tried Mac and Cheese for the first time and she was a big fan! Annie’s brand all the way! She never uses the spoon, just holds it while she eats.img_6726

| Twelve |

Still in jammies and back to making messes! img_6727

| One |

Finally got dressed for the day and now it’s nap time again. We always read a book and I sing her Sunrise by Norah Jones.img_6716

| Two |

Nora is well into her nap and I am well into my list of things to do! Dishes are never-ending! img_6728

| Three |

Little Miss woke up just in time to help me unload the dishwasher! img_6725

| Three |  | Four |

Missed a couple hours! Oops!

| Five |

Baking bread for Thanksgiving. img_6739

| Six |

Getting Nora in her PJ’s and assessing the damage done to her outfit. Anyone else’s crawlers always end the day with filthy knees?img_6757

| Seven |

Playing for a few more minutes, then off to bed! img_6758

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