If I Had You Over For Coffee


If I had you over for coffee, I’d most likely be barefoot. My shoes are the first thing to go when I get home. I’m a fan of bare feet.

I would have thrown on something cute and comfy, at least to try and look nice. Of course, the minute you leave I would throw on sweats and one of Collin’s t-shirts.

I’m sure I would have cleaned the house, ridding every surface of as much dog hair as possible. Don’t look behind our bedroom door though, that’s where all the mess gets thrown.

You’d hear the kettle whistle and I would make us some dark roast coffee in the french press, because that’s the best way.

There would be something sweet to eat, because I am a sucker for sugar. I’m thinking cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing. I can smell them now.

We would sit on the couches all cozy and warm and begin our little chat. It’s always nice to chat over coffee.

I would be genuinely interested in how you are and would listen intently. I’ll be honest though, I would probably interject a few times because I love to talk.

Politics would not be a topic of discussion. I would avoid it like the plaque, it’s just not my thing.

I would keep my phone out of reach, nothing bothers me more than when people cannot be present.

I would tell you that right now my life is so full. Full of stuff. Work, parenting, writing, housework, wife-ing. All of it so so good, but so much work. I’d tell you how much I have fallen in love with being a mom and how I never knew I could love it like I do. That each day I find new joys in caring for Nora. She truly has become the light of our little family.

I would also tell you that I struggle with finding time to do things just for me. That I am exhausted by nine each night and I am often terrified of having the responsibility of raising a child in my hands.

Then I would tell you how these struggles are hard, but I am putting them in God’s hands. That I know he gives me grace in my times of failure and of fear. I would tell you how blessed I truly am and how I thank my Savior for all he has given me.

So, if we were sitting together finishing our coffee, I’d thank you for coming, send you with some cinnamon rolls and  I’d ask you to come back because I can always use more girl time… and more coffee.

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