Five On Friday

| One |

This week started off with a bang! Nora’s first Halloween was an adorable success! These will forever be some of my favorite pictures! More HERE!  I am in love with being a momma, all of Nora’s first are so much fun!


| Two |

My first published work! I am so excited to now be a contributor for Her View From Home! Take a look at my piece on comparison HERE!


| Three |

This face! We are having family pictures taken this weekend and with this new look of Nora’s, they are sure to be gems! In all honesty, I am so excited for our pictures! It’s the first time Collin and I have had professional pictures taken since our wedding and the first time for Nora EVER! #badparents


| Four |

Speaking of Nora, my gal is into absolutely everything! She is so nosy and wants to inspect every noise she hears or object she sees! As you can imagine this makes diaper changing rather difficult. I miss the days when she just laid still and smiled up at me. But… I also wouldn’t trade this fun stage she is in for anything! I wrote a quick little post about the new chaos that is diaper changing now.


| Five |

CHRISTMAS MUSIC! Yes, I am one of those people. I only listen to it part of the time until after Thanksgiving when I switch to full time! I just love this season and I really want to introduce Nora to some of the best music ever! Every year I find a new holiday album to get hooked on. This year, it’s Lauren Daigle’s Behold! So so good!


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