Reading… Another Way Home by Deborah Raney (my momma)! I started my mom’s latest book while I was pregnant with Nora and never finished it before she was born. I sort of forgot about it because I had a newborn but now I am finishing it up and it is so good!

Writing… So many blog posts! I am really wanting this blog to take off so new posts it is! Thank you to those who read! Share with your friends!

Watching… This Is Us, such a great show already and it just started. I have always been Team Jess (Gilmore Girls) so this show appealed to me immediately because of Milo Ventimiglia.

Trying… to get up earlier in the mornings. That’s not going so well.

Cooking… Tons of new recipes from Pinterest. This Ravioli Bake has been a favorite so far. Quick, easy and oh so good!

Drinking… Homemade White Chocolate Mocha.

Loving… the precious time I get to spend with Nora. Being away from her all day is hard. She is so fun right now!

Hating… political talk on Facebook. As Jimmy Fallon would say “ew”

Listening… to Mosaic MSC’s new worship album Glory Wonder. So good.

Celebrating… the fall weather! That took way too long!

Shopping… I am eyeing some items from! I recently got a cute sweater and Nora got a bow. Check out their site, their stuff is adorable!


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