So, unless you’ve been living under a rock I am sure you have heard of Naturebox. They are a snack company that makes snacks with fresh and healthy ingredients. If you’re like me you snack all the time! I also tend to snack on things like chips, candy or cookies. Not good! I don’t think there is anything wrong with snacking, but you gotta be careful with what you snack on!

We ordered our first box and got a great deal! Four days after ordering, the box arrived and inside were nine little snack bags! I love that they come in backs with zippers to help keep everything fresh. I quickly got to sampling and was very impressed!


I ordered a few things for Collin that were spicy or more his style (he likes salty, I like sweet). I was very pleased with everything I sampled and impressed by the list of ingredients. Some of my favorites are:

Mini Belgian Waffles | Great for a quick breakfast and tastes really good with coffee.

Whole Wheat Vanilla Animal Cookies | I love animal cookies and these are a healthier version and still really tasty!

White Cheddar and Caramel Popcorn | I may or may not have eaten the whole bag in one day.

Blueberry Nom-Noms | Good for breakfast or a small dessert.

Right now they have a deal going on: Join NatureBox Club and get your first month free, plus 50% off your first order and free shipping on $25! No code required.

If you are wanting to snack healthier and avoid the junk sold at the store. Take a look at Naturebox! You will not regret it!


*Disclaimer: As an affiliate for Naturebox I receive a small commission for any sales made from following the links in this post. Thank you for your support!

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