Kira and Rigby, our completely opposite mutts, were our babies before Nora came along. They got all of our attention and only had to split our love with each other.

Well, as you can guess that all changed when Nora came along. It all started when they got kicked out of the bed when I was pregnant. When we went and bought them dog beds and put them on the floor of our room, that’s when they knew something was coming.

We still love our pups like crazy and I think we treat them pretty darn good. But they have definitely taken a backseat to the little princess who rules the house!

They are so good with her though. It took them about two weeks to adjust to Nora’s presence and then they welcomed her with open paws (see what I did there?).

Recently the amazing company, Kai Krates approached me about working with them. I always look into a business before advertising for them and Kai Krates is the real deal! The subscription box fad is all the rage right now but gosh can they be pricy. There are other dog box subscriptions out there but none as affordable as Kai Krates!  I also love that they take all the toys and treats and have dogs test them out before adding them as part of their krates! That way, their subscribers can be sure they are getting the best products that are truly loved by dogs!


All this for only 16.99!

They are offering my readers a discount if you use the code: EDAYSMITH10

We recently got Kira and Rigby a box and they… well, I’ll let the picture speak for itself.



*As an affiliate I receive a small compensation for any products bought using my discount code. Thank you for supporting me!




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