Dusty Bible?


I owe him my everything. I am fully aware of how blessed a life I lead and how all I have comes from Him. I also have grown up with the knowledge that I need to be spending daily time in the Bible and learning more about God. Like with anything, I have been through seasons of amazing discipline, discipline that ebbs and flows, and no discipline at all. I can remember months where I was reading the Bible every single day and times when the cover was layered with dust.

Well, my Bible is looking pretty dusty right now.

*In full disclosure, I am about to list off a myriad of excuses. But bare with me, it is all in the spirit of being real.


I am struggling to find time to be with God. I go to church on Sunday and I pray before meals and I’ve always been good at giving God the glory for blessings in my life. But right now, that’s all I’ve got goin’ on.

I recently tried getting up thirty minutes earlier to go out into the living room and read the Bible before the tornado that is getting-ready at our house hits. That lasted two whole weeks until one night I just needed more sleep, so I stayed in bed those thirty minutes. And then, somehow, I never got up early again.

I have many times thought that I should just do it right before bed. Keep my Bible on my nightstand and read a bit, then go to sleep. But I cannot tell you how many nights I fall asleep on the couch or crash into bed, hours later than I really should be going to sleep.

The struggle is real ya’ll! And sadly this is not one of those posts where I tell you that I figured it all out and I am so happy to share with you my fix. This is a time where I am coming to you for advice. When I need to be real and raw and say that I don’t have it all figured out and I need others who can help!

Think about all that us moms have on our plates; getting yourself ready, getting the kids ready, making coffee, eating breakfast, getting the kids breakfast, loading the car, drop-off the kids, get to work on time, work hard all day, pick kids up, give kids a snack, get your own snack, make dinner, clean dinner up, put kids to bed, do laundry, clean house, do work from home, and then get to sleep at a decent hour. We do so much in a day, and fitting anything else in can seem impossible.

And because life runs us ragged and we have little ones and spouses to care for, we especially need that quiet time with God. So, moms, I need your advice. When do you find time to read the Bible or be with God? Do you have a brilliant way you achieve this? Are you like me and really struggling? Please share and let’s create a nice little community of advice for anyone who may need it! Go!


6 thoughts on “Dusty Bible?

  1. kenraney says:

    Bible on tape that you can listen to while driving.

    Verse of the Day that you get through email. I subscribe to 3 of them.

    Keep in mind that at this time in your life, your ministry is your family. God understands.


  2. Shirley A Raney says:


    I don’t always get the Bible read but The Lord is with you every minute of every day. I have a prayer list of those I pray for during times they need extra prayer and I pray the OUR Father.
    all day long for myself and my troubles (we all have troubles) and for all my families and all those on my prayer list. He is with me always (so so close) and starts my day and ends my day. Always Thy Will be Done. He guides us and comforts us and leads us every day. Just
    let HIM. I love you all so so much. Nana


  3. bandkhoffman says:

    Oh sweet cousin! Well, I was going to write you privately but in the spirit of keeping it real I’ll say it for all to see =) I’m over 3 years into this mom thing and I have just found something a couple weeks ago that changed my life. It’s called desperation! For the past few years I’ve let the non-stop demands of motherhood become an excuse not to make that set apart time for the Lord. And it has cost me dearly. I was miserable. Grasping after rest, and joy and peace only to find myself ever depleted. Then I got desperate…I said, I don’t care if it means I don’t eat, don’t sleep, don’t clean my house I HAVE TO GET BACK to meeting my Father daily in the secret place! And I did. Sleep was the thing to go for me. And I thought I wouldn’t survive on 4 to 6 hours of interrupted sleep. But I have. And I’m actually thriving! The Word of God is the lamp to our feet and light to our path and if you let anything crowd it out you’ll lose your way to abundant joy filled life that is in Jesus! Getting into His Word, His presence…that is where you’ll find the truth of who you are, who He is and His great love for you. It’s worth giving up everything for!…I wish I could go back and tell myself that…not sure if I would’ve believed it…but it’s true. I’m living proof. Besides giving up something to make the Word priority here are some other practical tips I’ve found helpful: worship music in the car (connect with God and the kids like it), Bible app audio bible so you can listen to it in the car or in the shower, and watching youtube videos of sermons by people who fire you up and speak the WORD while you eat lunch! Those are just some ideas….I pray that each time you reach (no matter how big or small the reach) to pursue His heart He will encounter you. The fact that your asking this question is evidence of your desire for Him and that’s awesome! If you seek Him you will find Him and if you draw near to Him, He will draw near to you!


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