Because I’m a Mom…


… I worry about things I never thought would ever cross my mind. Is that bookshelf going to just topple over? Will the paci dropped on the ground make Nora sick? Should snot be that color?

… A large portion of my dirty clothes are covered in drool or some unidentified liquid.

… Sappy diaper commercials make me cry.

… Nice dinners are few and far between. We have lots of frozen pizza and chicken. But at least we eat!

… I forget way more things at work. Mostly because my mind is not always 100% in one place. Part of it is always thinking of Nora.

… I have been crunching numbers to see if we can afford a housekeeper. #aintnobodygottimetoclean

… I do a ridiculous amount of things to make Nora laugh or smile. Like, Oscar winning performances people!

… I have touched more poop than I care to mention.

… I rarely get through my entire cup of coffee in the mornings. Or even get to coffee at all.

… I can sing every word to the song the pink teapot sings and I know all the tunes on the jungle drum.


Because I’m a mom, I know a love unlike any other and my heart is overflowing with joy!



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