Five on Friday

| One |

Fall weather has finally arrived! We had temperatures in the mid seventies all week and it has this fall-loving gal’s heart pumpin’! Because of the great weather, our little family went on a few walks this week! Little Bit couldn’t quite hang and fell asleep the last mile each time! There is nothing sweeter than a snoozing babe!


| Two |

Anybody else’s house look like this? Thursday night when I came home the house already trashed and I proceeded to trash it even more. After feeding Nora, ever ounce of me wanted to clean it all up right then and there. Instead, I took my own advice and waited until Nora was asleep to even start cleaning up.


| Three |

My best gal has a new trick! She now pulls-up on everything. Pray for us, she is gettin’ more and more mobile everyday!


| Four |

Sales! I don’t know why but there are so many good sales going on right now. CUPSHE currently has a 70% sale along with free shipping! I’m excited to show off a cute top I ordered from them along with a great deal next week!

| Five |

It’s Friday! This week drug on and on and Nora and I are so excited it’s the weekend!

Happy Friday everyone! Go spend time with your families!



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