Sugar and Spice

I always thought I was going to be a boy mom. I was 100% convinced that Nora was going to be a boy the whole time (we didn’t find out). I didn’t even really entertain the idea of a little girl because I was just sure I would have all boys.

Well, God has a sense of humor all right! I was absolutely shocked when a little girl popped out. I actually had to keep reminding myself for the first two weeks that I was the mom to a daughter! But let me tell ya, it has been fun!

I love the connection between a momma and daughter and even more so, a daddy and his little girl! I love her sweet little girly sounds and her pretty features. But, one of my favorite things about having a little gal.



| Vest |    | Bow |

Dressing a baby girl is so much fun! I don’t wear a whole lot of pink myself, but Nora’s closet is full of it! You can sure find some really cute stuff for sweet baby girls!

I particularly love shopping at Gymboree. The closest mall to us has a small Gymboree store with limited options, so luckily they have a great online store! Right now they have so many adorable fall outfits which Nora really needs because she seemed to skip right over 6 month clothes and now needs 9 month sizes in almost everything!

They have so many pieces that are adorable fall colors! Nora is getting some professional shots done with some of her cousins in November and this little vest is perfect for those pictures! Paired with a matching bow of course!


Happy shopping! 

Gymboree Children's Clothing

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