Five on Friday

| One |

Matchy matchy green squared (name that movie) with Nora! I just cannot get over the smile The Hubs captured from her!


| Two |

New camera! We got ourselves a fancy Nikon and I am having so much fun! Still learning how to use it but snapping pictures like this make my day!


| Three |

Got this sweet note from a student the other day! She spent time writing it at home and brought it to me in the morning. Fourth graders are the bee’s knees!


| Four |

My best gal is crawling all over the place now. This means that The Hubs and I get many surprise visits! She especially loves to watch me dry my hair in the mornings!


| Five |

In case you missed it, there is still time to save $5 off $35 dollar or more at CUPSHE. You can get pieces like the adorable sweater I’m wearing below! Follow the link above and use the code FALL5! My hope is that by ordering fall clothes, fall temperatures will follow!



5 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Deborah Raney says:

    Love your Five on Friday feature (especially when it features Nora!) And Matchy-matchy green squared is from one of my favorite movies…but I won’t say which, in case someone else wants to guess. 🙂


  2. Elizabeth says:

    Your little lady is precious! My daughter is trying so hard to crawl but she’s not quite there yet. We have the same little monkey onesie I believe! Found you through 5 on Friday! Lovelylatteblog.con


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