Mary, Not Martha

If you grew up going to church then you have heard the story of Mary and Martha.

In Luke chapter 10 these sister’s story is told. The basic gist is that Jesus comes to their house and Mary sits as his feet, is attentive, in the moment and listens to his teachings. Meanwhile, Martha is slaving away in the kitchen trying to make sure Jesus has a full glass of lemonade, the Rotel dip is hot and the chip bowl is full.

Okay, that may not quite be the accurate biblical details, but you get it… right?

Now I am totally a Martha if I am hosting guests in my home and I have to remind myself to sit down and enjoy the company. But the time I find myself being a Martha that really causes me guilt is when I do this with Nora.


I sometimes try to have it all together and do all the things! I want to cook amazing meals, have a spotless house, have a successful blog, do crafts, have all the laundry done, have all my papers graded, and play with Nora. Well, that just cannot happen!

When I am at work I am often thinking about all the things I need to do at home. I jet off to pick Nora up and as soon as we get home, I start in on my to-do list. I set Nora on the floor to play and I go about my evening tasks occasionally going in to tickle her or make her smile.

Let me tell you what hit me hard the other day. Nora was in the living room surrounded by toys while I made some baby food. I did need to make baby food but I had other opportunities to do so that evening after Nora was asleep. I could hear her jabbering and would go in and check on her every once in a while and make her smile. Then, straight back to my chore.

Once, I went in and actually got down next to her to play and love on her for a bit. Then I got up and went back to the kitchen. The minute I was out of her view, she began to cry. When I came back, she stopped. Talk about convicted. My little gal just wanted her momma to show her some attention and get down on the ground and actually play with her!

I immediately put the baby food aside and chose to be Mary. We cuddled and played and laughed and not only was Nora happy but my heart felt better too!

I want to be a Mary in this incredibly Martha world. These moments won’t last forever and I sure don’t want to miss them!



6 thoughts on “Mary, Not Martha

  1. Susan Snodgrass says:

    I know it’s a cliche older than time, but it’s really true. They grow up so fast. My own girl just turned 32 and I wish I could have one of those moments when we sat cuddled together with me reading to her just one more time. Enjoy your Nora! Chores can wait. She is so precious. Thank you for sharing her with us. You’re doing a great job!


  2. Deborah Raney says:

    I’ve always struggled with the Mary/Martha thing. Because if every woman was a Mary, WHO would feed the people and wash their clothes and care for their needs? But you may have hit on something very crucial: it’s all about timing. We can sit at Jesus’ feet (or our daughter’s feet, or our husband’s feet) when we should be enjoying fellowship with them, and wait to do the necessary things at another, more appropriate time.


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