On Learning to be Frugal


I have never been one to cut back or deny myself something I could have. I am not saying I have a shopping problem or unwisely spend money, but my mindset has always been; if we have the money for it and want it… why not?

I have always admired my sister who is one of the most frugal people I know! She is one of those that sees something she likes and says “oh I can make that myself for much less.” my thought when she says that, “why make it when you could just buy it already made?”

Well, our little family is looking at a lifestyle change and we are ready to start being more frugal and save some money. We found some really easy ways to do this and want to share!

Here are some of the incredibly simple things we are doing to cut back and learn to be frugal.

| Get Rid of “Extras”|

We have quite a few things in our life that are just extras that we can easily live without. We might enjoy them but we will be fine without them. We canceled 2 magazine subscriptions, got rid of a paid tv subscription and an online subscription. This total saved us about $40 a month.

| Bargin or Beg |

Cell phones. We love them and they are really helpful in so many ways but our bill recently got bumped up by over $2o and this was causing us to pay almost $200 a month! Not cool! So, my crafty Hubs got on the phone and called our provider and basically said we would be leaving if we could not get a better plan. They quickly found a way to keep us and now we will only be paying $80 a month for both of us. Try this with your cable provider and cell phone service. It’s at least worth a shot!

| Meal Plan |

I enjoy cooking but I do not like coming home and having to figure out what to make off the top of my head. Those nights often end up with us getting take-out or a pizza. So, now I am planning what I will make each month  and shopping for the whole menu. This helps me have everything I need and eliminates the last minute trips to DQ.

| Coupon |

This is a new one for me. I have maybe used 10 coupons in my entire life but I know how much you can save using them. It just seemed daunting to me at first. Now, I don’t plan on extreme couponing, but after I make my grocery list, I look at some online sites and print any coupons for items I was already planning on buying! I recently saved over $20 by just using 10 coupons at Wal-Mart!

| Homemade |

There are so many things you can easily make yourself that cost fractions of what they would if you bought them in the store. A few things I am making or have made myself are:

Yogurt Melts for Nora

Coffee Creamer

Baby Food

All of these things are simple and really add up to great savings over time. What things do you do to save money for your family? We would love the advice!


3 thoughts on “On Learning to be Frugal

  1. Deborah Raney says:

    That is smart to make your list and THEN find the coupons for what you already plan to buy. You know I’ve always been a big fan of coupons, but when you use a coupon to buy dog food and you don’t even have a dog, that’s extreme and probably counter-productive. 😉


  2. Vicky Miller says:

    If our phone bill goes up we always call the provider and if you mention leaving, they magically come up with a better deal.
    We have a credit card that earns points to buy gift cards for eating out.
    I used to be more frugal than I am now, but a lot of people would say I’m still pretty frugal!
    That is a Grammy trait passed down.


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