Homemade Yogurt Melts

yogurt-meltsNora really likes those freeze dried yogurt melts but my goodness it’s almost $3 for a bag that is only one ounce! Plus, one of the main ingredients is sugar and while I love sugar and eat it all the time, I am not ready to pass that trait onto Nora just yet.

So I set out to make my own to save money and boost the health value. I don’t own a freeze dryer so I looked up some alternatives on Pinterest and came up with my own little concoction.

| What You Need |

| Yogurt of some kind (greek or whole milk works best for consistency)

| Pureed fruit (optional)

| Fruit pieces cut very small (optional)

| Plastic baggie or cake icing bag

| Parchment or wax paper


| What You Do |

| You can use simply yogurt of any kind (the ones pictured are just blueberry greek yogurt) or you can do plain yogurt with fruit pieces or pureed fruit. The possibilities are endless!

| After mixing together your choices, put them in a plastic baggie with the end cut off.

| Line a baking sheet or serving tray with wax or parchment paper

| Squeeze yogurt out onto tray in small dots. What’s great is you can make them the best size for your baby!

| Place in freezer for up to one hour then remove from liner and place in freezer safe container.

Simple as that! A great little healthy snack for bebe, great for teething and simple to make! I actually like to eat them too!


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