Dads don’t get enough love in my opinion! Yes, moms tend to do the majority of the “work” especially with the little ones, but dads rock too!

Every little girl needs a daddy in her life. I always sort of considered myself a daddy’s girl, nothing against my amazing mom, I just had a soft spot for my dad.

When a girl is looking for a husband she should be looking for a man who will be a wonderful husband and an incredibly dad to their children. I am lucky I found just that!

Collin is the absolute best father I could have asked for for Nora. He is incredibly hands on, so much so that he sometimes tells me “I’ve got this” when I try to help with a dirty diaper. Not only is he hands on in caring for Nora, but he gets right down in the action and plays with her.

Nora is so lucky she has Collin as her daddy. Marrying him was the best thing I did for our children!

This past weekend Collin was playing with Nora in our hot mess of a room and I snapped some of my now favorite photos! Seeing my man love on our little girl is the best!


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