Five on Friday


New blog! Obviously I had to add this in the mix for this week! I renamed my blog and am on a new host site (go WordPress!). The Hubs did a fantastic job of designing my new header! Don’t worry though, all the posts from my other blog have been moved over to this new little space!



Coffee mug! The Hubs got me this travel mug from Target for my birthday and it is amazing! Not only is it cute but I kept track, and it keeps my coffee warm for 5 hours. Warm coffee = happy mom and happy teacher!



New washer and dryer! These were loooooooong overdue. Laundry has actually been fun lately! Check back next week to see a mini laundry room redo!



My best gal. Because Nora’s babysitters had to be off yesterday I got an unexpected day at home with my little lady! We had so much fun playing and relaxing (naps for everyone) and we even met daddy for lunch!



Weekend! At 3:00 today my weekend begins and we have absolutely nothing planned! Can’t wait!



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