My Daily Schedule as a Working Mom

I am a working mom. It is no joke people. It’s hard.

I really love being a teacher and feel like it is something I am truly good at but any mother who has worked full-time knows the harsh reality of being torn between two things. It is hard to come home and want to get things done when you worked all day. Normally I want to just play with Nora instead of make dinner or do any type of domestic activity.

I don’t know if I will always be a working mom. I have dreams of one day staying home with our kids, but only God knows what my future truly holds.

With all the craziness, The Hubs and I have created ourselves a nice little evening routine to help us stay on top of housework and working out, while also enjoying Nora and each other.

Either way this is a crazy and also amazing season of life and this blog is meant to help document where I am in life. So, here is a glimpse into my daily schedule as full-time working momma!

5:45 AM

Alarm goes off, I immediately get up. That isn’t sarcasm. I am not a snooze hitter or slow to wake up. My alarm goes off, I’m up right away and headed to the shower. I take fast showers so I’m out by 6:00 AM.

6:00 AM

Time for make-up, hair, and getting dressed. I do minimal make-up ( foundation, powder, mascara, eyeliner, blush) and really only know 3 hair styles (down and straight, down and curled or ponytail). So this part does not take long at all. I usually pick my clothes out the night before to hopefully eliminate the trying-on-a-million-outfits-dilemma.

At this time The Hubs wakes up and takes both our dogs on a quick walk around our neighborhood.

6:30 AM

The Hubs is back and Nora is usually just waking up. If she isn’t already up, we have to wake her up now to give her her morning bottle and get her dressed. The Hubs feeds Nora, changes her diaper and gets her dressed (#superdad) while I eat breakfast and get all of mine and Nora’s things loaded in the car.

7:00 AM

Nora and I are out the door while The Hubs gets in the shower. We give kisses goodbye and are on our way to day care and school. Nora likes to make lots of noises the whole drive to day care, it’s pretty stinkin’ cute! I arrive at Nora’s day care around 7:15 AM.

Don’t worry, this is not how we drive to work. Just set her down one moring to get the umbrella ready to run into day care!

7:20 AM

I have dropped Nora off and am in my classroom by this time. I made the decision to go into work almost a half hour earlier than I need to be there because it means I can leave much earlier at the end of the day. In the mornings there isn’t time for me to sit and play with Nora but there is in the evenings so I don’t want to waste that evening time. I work on classroom things like passing out morning work, writing notes on the board and making sure all my ducks are in a row for the day.


I am now in full-on Mrs. Smith mode. I am answering questions, teaching things, getting on to kids, being accidentally called mom and saying “listen to me when I am talking” a million times. Like I said before, I really do love my job but it is exhausting. By 3:00 I am ready to be home!

3:30 PM

I wrap up for the day and try to do a few things to get ready for the next day. I head to get Nora at day care, getting there around 3:40 PM.

4:00 PM

Nora and I are home and playing, just waiting for The Hubs to get home! Occasionally Nora will fall asleep on the way home and stay asleep for about 45 miuntes but not always. Most days we fill this our with playing and momma giving her a thousand kisses!

5:15 PM

Daddy is home and takes over while I make dinner. He gets time to play with Nora and I can make dinner without her distracting me. Nora usually eats at around 5:30 so either The Hubs will feed her or I will feed her while we eat dinner.

6:00 PM

We are usually done eating at this time and we have another 30 minutes to play with Nora and clean up from dinner. Most evenings lately, we put Nora on the living room floor and watch in amazement as she attempts to crawl!

6:30 PM

Nora and I begin the bedtime routine. Bath (every other night), jammies, four books, 2 songs, 1 prayer and in her crib awake!

While I am putting Nora down, The Hubs is getting our “garage gym” ready! He takes his laptop out and cues up our Daily Burn video, turns on the fans and fills up our water bottles.

7:00 PM

By 7 Nora is usually asleep or at least drowsily talking in her crib (which leads to sleep about 5 minutes later). Some people have remarked that 7 is a really early bedtime and while it does make it difficult for us to go out and do things, most nights we are just home and it is so nice to have time for just The Hubs and I!

I get my shoes on and head to the garage to work out! We do a 30 minute workout video in the garage 5 nights a week ( Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday). We lock the doors in the house and have a monitor out with us in case Nora wakes up.

7:45 PM

We are done working out and head in the house. At this time we consult our weekly cleaning schedule and do whatever is on that! This is the best thing we ever did! It literally takes 20 minutes and helps keep the house clean throughout the week so we can keep our weekends free of big cleaning days.


8:30 PM

We are done with our chore for the evening so we shower and usually grab a snack. Right now we are watching Season 2 of Castle so we usually watch one episode before we go to bed.

9:30 PM

We are usually off to bed by this time. Of course sometimes it is later and sometimes a little earlier. I am not a night owl so sometimes I even crash curing Castle and The Hubs has to wake me up to go to bed. We go to sleep and get ready to start another day all over!

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