Photo Every Hour | Monday

I have seen these posts done before and I love to read them! The whole appeal of blogs is getting a glimpse into other people’s lives and for a nosey person like me that is so entertaining! So here is a glimpse into my Monday!

* You’ll notice an hour is missing. I may or may not have been taking a glorious one hour nap šŸ˜‰ No picture necessary.

| Seven |

| Eight |

| Nine |

| Ten |
| Eleven |
| Twelve |

| One |

| Two |

| Three |

| Four |

| Five |

| Six |

| Seven |

| Eight |

| Nine |

| Ten |

8 thoughts on “Photo Every Hour | Monday

  1. Deborah Raney says:

    LOVED this glimpse into your everyday life! THAT'S the hardest part about being so far away: we hear all the big stuff, but so rarely just the everyday stuff. I'm SO thankful for blogs and Facebook and Instagram!


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