Summer Daily Schedule

It is highly possible that no one else in the world will be interested in this post, but I know for a fact I will look back one day and want to remember this or reference it with future little ones! So, for your reading pleasure (or not) here is a look at Nora and I’s daily schedule. Nora is 19 weeks old.

5:30am Wake-Up/Bottle
Yes, you read that right. This is 15 minutes earlier than I get up during the school year but Nora has a very consistent internal clock and this is when she is up and ready to go every.single.morning. She is usually incredibly smiley when we go to get her but then she starts to fuss because she is hungry. She takes a 5oz bottle and usually CHUGS the whole thing!

6:00 Playtime!
Without a doubt morning time is Nora’s happiest of the day! Normally she plays in her jumper while The Hubs and I get breakfast/coffee. She just jumps and squeals and smiles and watches the dogs wrestle on the floor.

7:30-8:30 Bye-Bye Daddy/Nap #1
The Hubs leaves for work and Nora is getting very sleepy! After Collin leaves I put Nora down for her first nap. This nap lasts anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. She just started sleeping on her belly and that has extended her naps a little!

8:30/9:00 Wake-Up, Bottle, Play
Nora gets up, gets her diaper changed and is usually happy for about a half hour before she is ready to eat. She takes another 5oz bottle like a champ and then we usually play together on the floor. She has just recently started to get really interested in toys so that brings a whole new level of fun to playtime! Her favorite game is when we run a blanket over her face… crazy child! 
11:30-1:30 Nap
Somewhere close to 11:30 Nora takes her long afternoon nap. She just started going through a nap transition and this nap became more regular and longer, sometimes even 3 hours. This is the time I SHOULD take a nap too, but usually I try to get things done or just relax on the couch. This particular day I was working on a few things for my TPT store. Basically I try to do whatever I want to do that I might not be able to do with a baby strapped to my hip! 
1:30 Wake-Up
Nora is up and usually ready to eat right away after this long nap. She gets another 5oz bottle and usually takes a long time to eat this one because she is still a little drowsy. Then we play or I put her in the swing while I do things around the house and she watches my every move! Some days she is not happy to be put down so I strap her in the baby pack and wear her around while I get a few things done. I like to get the house cleaned up a little before The Hubs comes home and sometimes I guess Nora just wants to help! 
4:00 Dinnertime! 
Occasionally Nora will take another short nap, about 30-40 minutes, during this time but not always. At 4:00 we sit down at the table and it’s time for some solid foods! We just started solids and so far she is a pro! She has had rice cereal, bananas, squash, and avocado. So far she loves everything! She eats one container of whatever food (usually veggies) and then has a 4oz bottle. She loves to eat solids and it is so fun to watch her explore new things! 
4:30 Clean-Up/Play
So my child is not a clean eater at all, but she is just now doing this spoon-fed thing so I don’t blame her. After she finishes eating I put her in her bouncer or jumper to play on her own while I clean up the big mess! Wipe down the highchair, wipe down the floor, clean bottle etc. Then after cleaning up I immediately take her to change her diaper. That solid food goes right through her if you know what I mean! At about 5:15 daddy comes home and he plays with Nora while I get supper ready! We LOVE when daddy comes home! Sometimes Nora will take a short nap at around 5:30, but this is becoming rare. 
6:00 Family Activity
Some nights after dinner we will do something fun like go on a walk or take Nora in her little pool. Many nights we just hang out in the living room and marvel at how precious our baby girl is! This is usually the time she starts to get a little fussy so going out and doing something can help or hurt the situation depending on the night. 

6:30 Bath/Bedtime Routine
We give Nora a bath every other night, so if it is bath night we start that at 6:30. If not, we just play a little while longer. After bath time, it’s jammies on and she gets her last bottle of the day, another 5oz. Then, I take her in her room and we rock and I sing her two songs, say a prayer for her and lay her in bed. We recently began sleep training and she is now a rockstar at putting herself to sleep and with NO pacifier! 

7:00 Asleep
Nora is usually asleep by 7 on a good night but sometimes it doesn’t happen until 7:30. Then The Hubs and I get some time alone! We usually watch a show or get things done around the house, nothing special, just good to have time for just the two of us! 
Disclaimer: I realized after adding this picture that it may imply something different than intended 😮 While we do like to have time like that together, in this picture we are just reading in bed 🙂 #marriage

2 thoughts on “Summer Daily Schedule

  1. Deb says:

    Well, you should know that Mimi was fascinated reading Nora's schedule! Seriously, I loved getting that glimpse into your everyday life. (And you will definitely love having it to look back on with the next babies…just be warned they will all be different as night and day! At least my four were… 🙂 )


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