Nora Kate | Four Months

Four Months

Weight | 13lbs

Length | 26 inches

Clothes | She is exclusively in 0-3 month clothes. 

Diapers | Size 1

Sleeping | I never should have bragged about what a great sleeper she is 😦 For the past 2 weeks Nora has been waking up at 1:30 and 4:30 every night. It is like clockwork. She just gets rocked back to sleep and then stays down until 6:30. She is currently getting over a virus and the past two nights in a row woke up every hour! I hope that does not last. 

Eating | Sadly I was only able to breatfeed for 3.5 months. Going back to work severly hurt my supply and schedule and I ended up slowly drying up. After many tears (from me not Nora) I decided to make the switch to formula. Nora gets a 4.5-5oz bottle every 2.5 -3 hours. 

Likes | Loves blowing bubbles and making toot sound with her mouth. Loves to squeal and enjoys spending time in her jumper! 

Dislikes | Being hungry and tummy time.

Milestones/Other | Nora found her voice this month and can be heard squealing all across town! She is also working on sitting up unassisted. Not quite ready yet but she is getting stronger every day! 

Exciting Experiences | This isn’t exactly exciting but she got her first virus 😦 Luckily she didn’t really have any other symptoms but a 103 temp, loss of appetite and discomfort. 

Nora seems to get easier each day and also so much more fun! She is growing like a week and makes us smile like crazy! 

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