Nora Kate | Two Months

Two Months

Weight | 10lbs 4oz

Length | 23 1/4 in  90th percentile!

Clothes | She is in between newborn and 0-3 month.

Diapers | Newborn, but after we use up the last boxes she will probably move to size 1. 

Sleeping | Since she started daycare at 7 weeks she goes down between 9:00-10:00 sleeps 6-7 hours then wakes up to eat. Goes back down for about 2 hours then wakes up to eat again and is happily awake until time for daycare! 

Eating | Things are going great with breastfeeding except pumping sucks! I am so grateful to even have the option though and a job and an employer who understand and even support it. 

Likes | She loves her bath now, especially getting water poured over her! She also loves being sung to by Collin or I and loves her Rockaroo swing. 

Dislikes | After she is happy from her bath comes her least favorite thing ever… Lotion. She hates having lotion rubbed on after her bath. 

Milestones/Other | Lots of smiles and definitely recognizes our faces and voices now. She also started cooing recently and it is the sweetest thing ever! 

Nicknames: NoNo and Squeaky 

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